Things to Consider while Looking for Water Bottle Supplier 2021-04-02

With so many drinkware manufacturers in the global market, it is a challenge for companies to find customized water bottle or vacuum flask which are perfect for their audiences. Generally speaking, when searching for a water bottle supplier on the market, most buyers will consider the following factors: quality, price, punctuality, flexibility and other factors, for instance, design capability, technology, service and so on. In fact, "VALUE" is the most significant factor to be considered. "Value" here not only means cost but also profits that you can be lucrative from many other ways as well.

We can categorize these factors into two perspectives: products and brand.


· Category

Facing such stiff competition in the market, enterprises have to diversify their products to satisfy the audiences' needs. We, Golmate, are professional metal water bottles wholesale dedicated to producing drinkware and kitchenware products, including vacuum flasks, vacuum jugs, vacuum mugs, plastic water bottles, aluminum bottles, airpots and lunch boxes for 20 years.

· Quality

There are four most popular materials to make water bottles: stainless steel, glass, aluminum and plastic, each having its advantages and disadvantages. For instance, stainless steel water bottles are extremely durable and eco-friendly. Most of our insulated products manufactured from premium 18/8 stainless steel and all of them reach global standards and own global certificates, like LFGB, FDA, REACH, DGCCRF, EN12546, as we aim at helping you build a great reputation.

· Customization

There are a variety of patterns, colors, styles to take into consideration before customer purchasing. Customization should meet all needs of the customer. Golmate provides personalized food grade water bottles with our printing techniques like silk printing, gas printing, laser, heat printing, water transfer printing, powder printing and digital printing.


· Service

A professional supplier will be careful about their customer satisfaction and customization, also make sure the products are sustainable. Golmate has our design group specifically for customization and after-sales service team to make you free from worry.

· Testing

A qualified water bottle manufacturer should assure the safety of their products. All the products should pass through tolerance inspection and leak-proof examination before it becomes a finished product. Therefore, Golmate's products are produced under strict inspection and strict manufacturing processes. We also conduct some strict tests about product performance in terms of insulation effect, leak-proof effect and other crucial functions. We promise every product reaches the standard before shipment.

In conclusion, a good water bottle supplier will be careful and innovative. Golmate promises we will adjust every detail until the customer is satisfied, and ensure the product meets the needs of consumers.

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